We have tested it under the direct supervision of our DGP

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uk canada goose outlet For operating the system as per the Election Commission of India guidelines, special training sessions were conducted for the Mizoram Police personnel and now everything is in place to conduct the polls efficiently, he added.take pride Canada Goose online in it. We have tested it under the direct supervision of our DGP Balaji Srivastava and are fully confident of supporting the Election Commission as and when required, Lalchhuana said.Mizoram has 7,70,395 registered voters who will cast their franchise in 1,164 polling booths across the state, while an additional 15 special booths have been created at Kanhmun village in Mamit district for the Bru refugees coming from six camps in Tripura.Lalchhuana said that during the poll campaigning, which ended last evening, the Mizoram Police had formed 84 flying squads, 39 dynamic check posts, 80 static surveillance teams and 80 quick canada goose uk harrods response teams across the state to prevent any unlawful activities.have over 50 zonal police officers in the rank of DSP to SP. They are looking at the macro security arrangements in their respective areas. uk canada goose outlet

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