» This is rather confusing because

Canada Goose Outlet Racism and the Persistence of White Supremacy Canada Goose Outlet

Alana canada goose parka uk Lentin is Associate Professor in Cultural and Social Analysis at Western Sydney University, and President of the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association. presidency, and before that the UK vote to leave the canada goose outlet toronto address European Union, a commonly heard refrain is that this apparent lurch to the right is a reaction to «liberals» and their peculiar attachment to «identity politics» and «cosmopolitanism» (though with little apparent need to define any of these terms, much less trace their genealogy).

canada goose deals There are more and less sophisticated versions of these arguments. Arguably among the worst is that of Mark Lilla, first in The New York Times and then in a full length book, The Once and canada goose victoria parka outlet Future Liberal, where he claims that «a kind of moral panic about racial, gender and sexual canada goose factory outlet vancouver identity» was stopping liberalism from governing effectively. canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale While canada goose outlet store uk Lilla claims that a shared commitment to liberal values should act as a universal glue, canada goose outlet seattle others further to the left place anyone who critiques and struggles against race and racism or gender and sexism in a box marked «liberal.» This is rather confusing because, apart from the labels used, there is not a lot official canada goose outlet to tell these two sets of critics apart in their joint commitment to shutting their ears to the concerns of anti racists, feminists and LGBTIQ activists. canada goose black friday sale

In the staggering conclusion to Angela Nagle’s book on the «online culture canada goose outlet winnipeg wars» that she canada goose outlet miami deems responsible for the emergence of Trump and the Alt Right, she claims that the «deep intellectual rot in contemporary cultural progressivism» is responsible for the failure to beat the inexorable rise of the far right. Curiously for someone who excoriates «liberal online culture» for «rapidly shift[ing] the range of acceptable discourse canada goose outlet uk sale further to the right,» Nagle bemoans the inability of the left to win «people over through ideas.»

cheap Canada Goose It no longer seems strange to hear the echoes of Donald Trump’s own words in these types of statements. For instance, after the violent killing of antifascist activist Heather Heyer by Alt Right activist James Fields, Trump said: cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance «I think there is blame on both sides. You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.» canada goose clearance

canada goose store Echoing the «both sides» approach taken by Trump, Nagle blames those whom she calls «Tumblr liberals» young people involved in the discussion of race, gender and sexuality in online spaces for «making increasingly anti male, anti straight, anti cis rhetoric normal on the cultural left.» canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale Far from being new, the idea that the so called purveyors of «identity politics» have gifted the right a discourse and that they are responsible for the success of the far right is itself a rather hackneyed idea. I want to give a partial history of the emergence of these arguments by drawing attention to the writing of the French politologue Pierre Andre Taguieff, who made similar claims in the 1990s about the anti racist left’s responsibility for the success of the Front National. canada goose clearance sale

As I will argue, a central reason why these arguments seem so reasonable to so many on the left is because the workings of race as a technology of power in modern societies and the ongoing legacy of the systems and structures it undergirds coloniality, slavery, borders and so on are considered peripheral canada goose outlet locations in toronto rather than central for a full understanding of the current predicament. This allows anti racism to be dismissed, as it is by Mark Lilla, as nothing but a moral panic.

A particular interpretation of racism as separate to race also plays a canada goose vest outlet part canada goose outlet in creating this situation. And for this, the blame must lie also with some of those who have been concerned with the study of racism. To make this case:

canada goose coats I will explain that the tendency to misidentify racism as the impulse that canada goose sale uk creates the idea of race has been largely responsible for a separation of racism from race. Our understanding of racism has thus indeed been dominated by the moral canada goose outlet montreal question to the detriment of a more political understanding of race as a largely rational (from a white supremacist perspective) complex of interlocking ideas, systems of governance and taxonomies. Because our idea of race and canada goose outlet mississauga racism have largely been worked out in opposition to them, it is important to ground our understanding of them in what those at the coalface of that struggle tell us. But, in reality, this is rarely the case. One of the most detrimental effects of this failure has been the fact that, paradoxically, it is the far right that has been looked to for an understanding of race. The reason I went into postgraduate research was out of a need to understand why the anti racism initiatives with which I had been canada goose coats uk involved often seemed to be reproducing some of the racism they were ostensibly set up to challenge. How did fluffy ideas of intercultural communication and diversity obscure a focus on what Gargi Bhattacharyya and John Gabriel called the «tediously familiar and unchanging» nature of racism on the ground? And how was the enduring power of whiteness and Eurocentrism often dismissed with a discourse of «unity in diversity» that denied the imbrication of racism in universalism, which Etienne Balibar insists upon? canada goose coats

The approach that I took, and that has continued to frame my thinking for almost twenty years, is that an often missing part of the puzzle in the quest to understand the endurance of race is anti racism. The British geographer Alastair Bonnett remarked:

«Racism and ethnic discriminations are under continuous historical and sociological examination. But anti racism is consigned to the status of a ’cause’, fit only for platitudes of support or denouncement.»

canada goose coats on sale The fact that the serious interpretations of race and racism available to us have mainly been formulated out of a desire to end them means that it is rather strange that anti racism hasn’t received more attention than it has. In part, the ease with which criticisms of anti racism as «vacuous moralism, «liberal elitism» or paradoxically «illiberal political correctness gone mad» are accepted is because there is little good work on anti racism. A close look at the multiple discourses and movement practices that can be called anti racism reveal that it is extremely heterogeneous, characterized by a lot of internal conflict over both the definition of race and racism and the best strategies for acting against them. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket In my early work, I characterised this heterogeneity as a continuum of proximity to distance from the public political culture of the nation state. At one extreme of this continuum is an approach that sees the solution to racism in constructs such as «liberal values,» «the rule of law» and «egalitarianism.» Arguably, however, definitions of racism such as this one formulated by three Australian academics «avoidable and unfair inequalities in power, resources and opportunities across racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups in society» gloss over the extent to which the Australian «fair go» is, according to Aileen Moreton Robinson, itself embodied by «a white heterosexual male.» This, she says, «implicitly precludes nonwhite migrants and Indigenous people from holding such core values.» canadian goose jacket

At the other end of the spectrum are those emerging from the anticolonial, Black radical and Indigenous sovereignty traditions which see the state and its institutions, not as recourses for resolving racism, but as vehicles for perpetuating and upholding racial rule. For these activists, appeals to «the rule of law» and «liberal values» fly in the face of their actual experiences, as shown starkly by the Movement for Black Lives or against Aboriginal deaths in custody.

This echoes Lisa Lowe who, in her brilliant book The Intimacies of Four Continents, demonstrates how under modern liberalism, the hierarchies on which the maintenance of systems of racial rule depend are rewritten as a story about the necessity of European governance without which the «differentiated peoples across the globe» could not survive. In other words, ideas of racialized insufficiency are cemented in policies targeting colonized populations in the stated aim of installing liberal regimes.

I can’t help but be reminded of canada goose outlet shop Warwick Thornton’s film Sweet Country, in which the canada goose outlet store montreal apparent kindness of the Christian landowner does not fully temper the brutality of the white cattle station owners and the local sergeant. By the end, we understand that the goodwill he shows towards the Aboriginal people in his care is predicated upon the negation of their culture, symbolized by his vision of raising a church steeple on as yet «un Christianised» country. And the legal judgment in favour of Aboriginal man, Sam Kelly, does not save him from the vigilante justice of the white man.

I am tying my colours to the mast here; you can probably see that I have long been sceptical about seeing racism only as discrimination that can be countered by better application of the law. Leaving that to one side, I am talking about this heterogeneity of anti racism to make the point that those who reject any form of race centred critique are utterly confused about the meaning of anti racism and have no sense of its internal conflicts; in short, BlackLivesMatter activists whose focus is racialized policing and carcerality cannot be characterized as «liberal» by any working definition.

Canada Goose Jackets So, if there is a canada goose outlet trillium parka black failure to understand anti racism, there is also an accompanying failure to understand race and racism. This misunderstanding has several dimensions, too many to discuss in full here, so I want to canada goose outlet woodbury focus on one. The idea that centring racial injustice introduces an unhelpful moralism into the public sphere is commonly held even by those in otherwise incompatible political camps. Racism is either seen as an unfair accusation, or as an unhelpful diversion from a presumed bigger picture. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket Race and Racism buy canada goose jacket

In 2014, the French philosopher and political commentator, Pierre Andre Taguieff published a book titled Du diable en politique: Reflexions sur l’antilepenisme ordinaire [«From the Devil to Politics: Reflections on Ordinary Anti Lepenism»], a reference to Jean Marie and Marine Le Pen, father and daughter, former and current leaders of the Front canada goose outlet new york National. According to Taguieff, the ineffectiveness of the fight against the Front National in France since its rise to political prominence in the 1980s was due to the mutual demonisation of Lepenists by anti Lepenists and vice versa. Taguieff defines demonization as «denouncing and condemning an individual or a group to the incarnation of evil.» «Demonising the other,» he writes, «incites the other to demonise us» making it a vicious circle.

canada goose For Taguieff, there is no way out of this circle when it comes to the fight against fascism. In fact, in the case of Le Pen, it has proved counterproductive because «the fact of being treated like the devil becomes proof that one is the opposite.» According to Taguieff, this irrational hatred for the Front National and what he sees as the antifascist failure to explain, rather than just oppose, it has turned the Front National’s opponents into extremists and conspiracy theorists. canada goose

For his critics, such as Pierre Birnbaum writing in Le Monde, Taguieff’s argument is a dangerous one; he would have us believe that the Front National has changed and that the only fascists in France exist in the minds of antifascists.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The idea that «both sides» in the fight between fascists and antifascists are at fault is one shared not only by Donald Trump. Protests during the recent visit to Australia of far right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos led to police and politicians condemning «both sides» for their violent behaviour. The Victorian Shadow Attorney General said there was a need «to tackle a ‘culture of violence’ within protest groups.» Paradoxically, however, there is a separation made between the subject of the protests namely, the acceptability of racism and fascism and the form they take. Critics suggest a moral equivalence between fascists and antifascists because they are invested in a definition of racism that is disconnected from what protesters oppose. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online At one level, there is a way in canada goose outlet authentic which Taguieff’s criticism holds true: racism has indeed been seen as a story about morality to the exclusion of all other dimensions. Where I disagree with Taguieff is https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com in his explanation of why a particular interpretation of racism has come to dominate and the solutions that he proposes. I shall return to this Canada Goose online.


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