Quite frankly, Canadians are entitled to know whether these

When Dylan went electric in 1965, many people felt betrayed and considered Dylan to have abandoned them. It could be argued, though, that when he plugged in, his words too became more electric as the breadth of his vision expanded. Unfortunately, with Bob Dylan, we are dealing with a different fish altogether.

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replica goyard messenger bag With respect to process, we find it troubling that the government is proposing to amend the Fisheries Act via omnibus budget legislation in a manner that we believe will inevitably reduce and weaken the habitat protection provisions. Regrettably, despite the significance of the legislation, to date the responsible ministers have provided no plausible, let alone convincing, rationale for proceeding with the unusual process that has been adopted. Quite frankly, Canadians are entitled to know whether these changes were written, or insisted upon, by the Minister of Fisheries or by interest groups outside the government. replica goyard messenger bag

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