I really didn’t know which was better: my own website; a

Of course, with the use of leverage, if you take the wrong side of the trade you can get hurt. But at the end of the day, how is this different from anything else in life? Most things in life are a win/loss trade. It is critical with CFDs, as with anything else, that you hedge your bets.

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yves saint laurent replica bags If they ramble, my friends will make Ysl replica them cut to the chase life (and death) is too short for stories with no pay off.As a surprise, if I know in advance that the end is nigh, I also want to be filmed as a hologram to speak to my guests live how fun would their reaction be? Fainting, shrieking, gasps of horror and awe. A true reflection of my life.(Picture: Getty)The final journey of my body has some compromises.In my traditional Zoroastrian Persian heritage, my ancestors believed in the circle of life.We Zoroastrians who hold the four elements in high regard don’t want to pollute the earth with burial or the ysl replica bags environment with cremation.So as a kid, I was told that in the same way that we humans eat animals and fish while on earth, when our lives have ended, we too enter the food chain.Our bodies, after an all white clothed community prayer ceremony, and after everyone had left the tropical gardens, would be hoisted high for vultures to devour.This seemed a beautiful, fair system to me.Unfortunately, my school teachers didn’t see it the same way and my mum was called in to explain why a 7 year old was sharing stories of vultures eating humans with the class.So, as I can’t be eaten by vultures, I am resigned to being buried and polluting the soil at the Zoroastrian private cemetery in Brookwood; it is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom, one of the largest in Europe, and is absolutely stunning.(Picture: Getty)At my funeral ceremony, in between all the speeches and anecdotes about my crazy antics, there will be music. Lots of music.My playlist wishes are for a live orchestra and choir made up of all the wonderful singers that I know and have worked with over the years to deliver the following:As my hearse covered in bright yellow flowers arrives at the church, I want Here Comes The Hot Stepper by Ini Kamoze roared.Instead of traditional hymns, I want my guests to sing my favourite songs, and so all the lyrics should come up karaoke style in front of the congregation yves saint laurent replica bags.


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